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Seller’s Representation

How to get the best price for your San Carlos real estate!

Siesta Realty

Due to the worldwide economic slowdown in past years, getting the best price for your real estate when you sell it has become ever more important — whether you are selling real estate in the United States, Canada or Mexico!

If you’re planning on selling your real estate in San Carlos, the Siesta Realty brokerage is your best choice when listing your property.

We understand the market

Our founder, Broker – Owner Phyllis Lilischkies, has over 20 years experience in the San Carlos real estate market.

Her two decades of buying and selling San Carlos houses, condos, lots and larger land parcels gives Phyllis a unique perspective on valuation — and gives our clients uniquely informed sellers representation.

We tell you the truth

Nobody benefits from unrealistic expectations.

Our real estate brokerage begins by making a thorough inventory of the positive and negative characteristics of your property.

Based upon that and with comparison to our comprehensive database of both recent and historical transactions, we provide you a realistic appraisal of what your property is worth — and a realistic estimate of how long it will take to sell your house, condominium, lot or land at various price points.

We understand curb appeal – and how to create it!

Our brokerage helps you prepare your property for sale, and our rich network of San Carlos real estate maintenance professionals gives us the resources to rapidly improve the appearance and saleability of properties that may need work before going on the market.

Our ability to rapidly transform houses and condos with paint and gardening services is legendary!

We know how to effectively market San Carlos
real estate

As an active AMPI / SCMAR real estate brokerage, Siesta Realty participates in the San Carlos MLS — our owner, Phyllis Lilischkies, is the President of the San Carlos MLS — but that is just the start of the sellers services we provide.

Siesta Realty understands how to market San Carlos real estate both on and offline.

Our extensive database of happy past clients, interested prospects and professional real estate investors makes sure that our clients’ properties are rapidly and effectively exposed to the widest possible pool of potential buyers.

We work actively with real estate brokerages and agents outside Mexico to harvest American and Canadian buyers.

We are creative negotiators for our seller-clients

For sellers willing to consider full or partial seller financing, we are expert at crafting deals that work for both the seller and buyer — and finding buyers who are willing to pay a price premium to secure owner financing.

We understand how real estate deals get done — Call Siesta And Call It Sold!