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Siesta Realty Team

Siesta Realty

Market-leading San Carlos real estate agents and professionals

For nearly twenty years, Siesta Realty has set the standard for exemplary real estate services in San Carlos / Guaymas. From professional buyers and sellers representation to world-class property management and rental marketing, we consistently lead the market in satisfied clients.

  • Our team of long time real estate agents and management professionals provide our non-Mexican clients consistently outstanding service when buying, selling and managing real estate property ownership in Mexico.
  • Our bi-lingual staff makes communication easy and efficient — and provides the priceless peace of mind for our clients that their wishes and instructions have been accurately conveyed.

Meet Siesta Realty and our network of San Carlos real estate professionals. Whether you are buying, selling or want management for your property, Siesta is your real estate solution in San Carlos. We are committed to making ownership of San Carlos real estate simple and safe!

Phyllis Lilischkies

Phyllis Lilischkies

Broker / Owner

Cell (011.521) 622.109.6629

Phyllis Lilischkies is the Broker / Owner of Siesta Realty — and the most experienced real estate professional in San Carlos!

Born in Ottumwa, Iowa, Phyllis had a long and distinguished business career in the United States. First becoming involved in real estate in Colorado, she rapidly assumed the position of on-site manager of the prestigeous 385 unit Christie Lodge in Avon, Colorado.

Phyllis has lived and worked in real estate in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico for nearly twenty years. She is an active long-time member of AMPI / SCMAR and is certified and licensed by the State of Sonora.

Phyllis is honored to be the President of the San Carlos MLS.

Rick Trout

Rick Trout

United States Liason Agent

Friendly, outgoing, personable and highly professional, Rick Trout came to San Carlos from Denver, Colorado.

Rick now represents Siesta from his office in Denver and has been very successful in enticing both old and new friends to buy real estate in San Carlos and make our community their home. Of course, that is really not so difficult to do when you are as enthusiastic about San Carlos as he is!

Rick is married and has three adult children — two sons in their 30’s and a 21 year old daughter.

Rodolfo Velázquez

Rodolfo Velázquez

Senior Translator

Rodolfo Velázquez is the senior translator on our fully bilingual customer service staff.

Rodolfo speaks perfect English.

Born and raised in Guaymas, Sonora, Rodolfo was a foreign exchange student in the United States; taught English in Guaymas for ten years; and is a professional translator.

Rodolfo’s translation skills assure Siesta’s non Spanish-speaking real estate clients that they are completely informed of the content of documents related to their San Carlos real estate, and that verbal communications with Spanish speakers are accurate and clear.

Rodolfo also serves in many administrative capacities at Siesta, particularly those that require advanced English skills.

Married with four children, Rodolfo enjoys reading and spending quality time with his family.

Arlette Cruz


Book Keeper

Born and raised in Guaymas. She has a degree in Tourism administration from ITESBA in Guanajuato, working in the hotel industry for almost 10 years. She is married and has 2 young daughters. She speaks great English and has excellent customer service skills. She is the daughter of a well known lawyer from Guaymas, who has taught so many young lawyers from Sonora. She loves to read and enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee. She loves to spend her free time with her family.

Adriana Garcia

Maid’s Supervisor

Adriana Garcia Mendoza was born in Mexico City. She is married and has 5 children and 4 grandchildren. She has been living in San Carlos for 13 years now, during which she has worked as a maid in various places. Her hard work, impeccable cleaning skills, and her determination have helped her escalate into a supervisor position. She is always very dedicated to her work. In her free time, she loves to pamper her children and cook them typical Mexican snacks.

Chela Ortiz

Chela Ortiz

Senior Housekeeper

Chela Ortiz is the backbone of our house cleaning staff.

A widower and mother of five children — and grandmother of fifteen! — Chela is originally from Oaxaca State, and has lived in Guaymas, Sonora, for fourty years.

Always punctual and thorough, Chela has worked for Siesta Realty for fifteen years, and consistently makes sure that our clients’ homes are kept spotlessly clean.

Chela has been an Avon and Mary Kay representative for decades and in her off-time enjoys television and her large family!

Alfredo Mendoza

Alfredo Mendoza

Senior Groundskeeper

Alfredo Mendoza is our Senior Groundskeeper and Gardener.

Alfredo has ten years experience as a gardener and pool maintenance technician.

He has a great reputation among San Carlos home owners for his excellent work attitude and the loving care that he brings to the landscaping of their houses. Married with two children, Alfredo lives in Guaymas and leads a very active life that includes fishing, horse back riding and deer hunting.