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Churches & Organizations

Houses of worship and community service organizations in San Carlos

San Carlos has a number of churches and organizations that provide places to worship, communities to become part of and opportunities for charitable community service. And not to forget: some plain-old fun places to meet people, like our golf and bridge groups!

Alcoholics Anonymous

Telephone (011 52) 622 226 2197
San Carlos Medical Plaza across Boulevard Beltrones from the Ley supermarket

AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) English Speaking meetings are held in Grupo Tetakawi which is located on Boulevard Beltrones across the street from the Ley supermarket in the San Carlos Medical Plaza.

Open AA meetings are held Wednesday and Sunday at 5:30 pm. Call 622 226 2197 if you have questions.

American Consulate in Hermosillo

Monterrey 141 between Calle Rosales and Calle Galeana

Colonia Esqueda

Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, C.P. 83000

The United States maintains a consulate in Hermosillo, just 75 miles north of San Carlos / Guaymas. The American Consulate in Hermosillo is open for general business Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm except on holidays.

General telephone number

Telephone / Local Calls (044) 662 289 3500

Telephone / Within Mexico (045) 662 289 3500

Telephone / International (011 52) 662 289 3500

Cellular telephone number for emergencies
involving American Citizens

Telephone / Local Calls (044) 662 256 0741

Telephone / Within Mexico (045) 662 256 0741

Telephone / International (011 521) 662 256 0741

Bahia San Carlos Men’s Golf Association

Telephone (011 52) 622 226 0098

Fun weekly golf gatherings at the San Carlos Country Club!

Castaway Kids Mexico

Telephone (011 52) 622 226 1235

A charity devoted to helping underpriviliged children in Guaymas / San Carlos and other communities in southern Sonora State.

Chapel-by-the-Sea (Non-demoninational) San Carlos
Services in Iglesia Cristiana de San Carlos on Loma Del Mar Road

Telephone (011 52) 622 224 3670

Chapel-by-the-Sea in San Carlos is a non-dominational house of worship that celebrates English language worship services at 8:30 am Sundays.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Guaymas
Avenida Aquiles Serdan across from Helados Dolphy

Telephone (011 52) 622 226 8960

The Guaymas Mormon Temple celebrates Spanish language worship services at 10am Sundays.

Club Deportivo

Telephone (011 52) 622 226 0857

Devoted to community service for local San Carlos charities.

Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)

Telephone (011 52) 622 226 2017

Our local DAR chapter is devoted to community service and donations to the San Carlos community.

Friends of Sonora

Telephone (011 52) 622 227 0114

Friends of Sonora is devoted to promoting catch-and-release billfish fishing in San Carlos.

Iglesia Dios Es Amor San Carlos
Lot 75, Ranchitos

Telephone (011 52) 622 226 0010

Iglesia Dios Es Amor celebrates English language Christian worship services at 9:00 am Sundays.

Las Madrinas San Carlos
Telephone (011 52) 622 226 0716

A community service organization that stages bingo nights that support local charities.

Library at Tecalai San Carlos
Tecalai RV Park / Boulevard Manlio Babio Beltrones / San Carlos

Telephone (011 52) 622 226 1491

A volunteer community library that provides reading materials on a lend or swap basis. Take a book and return it, or take a book to keep and make a donation!

Lions’ Club Guaymas San Carlos
Telephone (011 52) 622 222 1165

The Lions’ Club of Guaymas is part of Lions’ Clubs International which — with 46,000 clubs and 1.35 million members — is the world’s largest service club organization.

Dedicated to eye health worldwide, our local Lions’ Club has distributed eyewear and health care to children and adults throughout San Carlos / Guaymas. Our Lions’ Club hosts the Melvin Jones Annual Golf Tournament, stages carnivals on Mexican national holidays, stages charity raffles and funds college scholarships.

Ocean Camp San Carlos

Telephone (011 52) 622 126 9622

USA / Canada 520 762 7226

Ocean Camp San Carlos is a Mexican non-profit corporation dedicated to spreading awareness of nature and the environment. Ocean Camp San Carlos hosts numerous fun outdoor activities such as eco-tours, tide pool excursions, astronomy classes and free science lectures.

Rescate de San Carloslogo_rescate_195x246_01

24-hour Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Calle Orion 68 / Sector Creston

San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico

Emergency 622 226 0911

Telephone (011 52) 622 226 0158

Rescate San Carlos is an all-volunteer organization devoted to bringing improved rapid-response medical services to San Carlos. Founded in 1978, Rescate now has over 200 members and continues to update its equipment and training.

From the website

“Now in its fourth decade of operation, RESCATE first opened in 1978 in a single donated room with two volunteers using a converted personal van for an ambulance. RESCATE is a Mexican nonprofit corporation, governed by an elected Board of Directors, all volunteers and residents of San Carlos. RESCATE is entirely self-supporting and is funded through memberships, donations and the activities of the RESCATE auxiliary. RESCATE is also recognized as a nonprofit organization by the IRS and all contributions are fully deductible.

RESCATE provides emergency first aid medical care and ambulance service to San Carlos residents and visitors alike. The bi-lingual staff is on 24-hour call, and professionally trained in advanced and basic life support, CPR, first aid, and special rescue and transportation techniques. RESCATE has its own premises including two well equipped emergency first-aid treatment rooms, which are supported by four fully equipped ambulances. We are an urgent / emergency care facility and not a medical clinic. A doctor is always on call for a fee or patients can be directed to a physician of their choice. Emergencies beyond the abilities of Rescate are normally transported immediately to a facility in Guaymas.”

Rotary Club of San Carlos

Telephone (011 52) 622 226 0279

Devoted to serving the San Carlos community through vocational training programs and scholarships awarded to deserving Mexican high school and college students. Part of Rotary International, the San Carlos Rotary Club has provided educational opportunity for many disadvantaged Sonoran children.

San Carlos Catholic Church
San Carlos Plaza

Telephone (011 52) 622 226 1018

The largest Catholic congregation in San Carlos attends this beautiful church overlooking the Marina. English language Mass is celebrated at 4:00 pm Saturdays.

San Carlos Community Church
On the road to Loma Del Mar

Telephone (011 52) 622 226 1521

Non-denominational English language worship services are celebrated at 9am Sunday all year, Saturday services at 5pm January – April, men’s and women’s bible study groups all year.

San Carlos Ladies’ Golf Association San Carlos

Telephone (011 52) 622 226 1102

Fun weekly golf gatherings at the San Carlos Country Club!

San Carlos Masonic Club San Carlos

Telephone (011 52) 622 226 1760

Devoted to Freemason fellowship and dedication to service of the craft and of the San Carlos community, the San Carlos Masonic Club hosts a luncheon each month for San Carlos residents and visitors who seek fellowship independent of formal lodge ritual.

San Carlos Pet Adoption San Carlos animal welfare services

Telephone (011 521) 622 131 5647

Telephone in the United States 602 307 1440


San Carlos Pet Adoption nurtures the lives of homeless dogs by providing quality care and responsible adoptive homes. They are advocates for humane values and behavior toward all animals.

San Carlos Pet Adoption has 501(C)(3) status in the United States. Checks can be mailed to their United States address, San Carlos Pet Adoption, 2954 North Campbell Avenue, Tucson, Ariizona 85719 by December 31st so you can deduct it from your 2015 taxes!

SBPA Neuter / Spay Clinic San Carlos animal welfare services

Telephone (011 52) 622 226 1363

The San Carlos Neuter / Spay Clinic is devoted to the humane treatment of street animals, and the humane control of their populations.

Spanish Community Baptist Christian Cultural Center San Carlos
On the road to Loma Del Mar

Telephone – The church has no phone, but all are welcome!

Spanish language Baptist evangelical worship services, Sundays at 11:00 am,
Thursdays at 7:00 pm.

Yacht Club San Carlos
Telephone (011 52) 622 226 0163

A private social club devoted to the betterment of boating in San Carlos. The Yacht Club promotes boat safety; assists in search and rescue efforts; offers marine education and promotes an annual fishing tournament that is open to the public.